Everything You Should Know Before Getting Your Next Credit Card

Understanding the fundamentals of credit card, how it functions, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using, the legalities of the usage, the interest rate to be charged , the credit limit etc.  helps you decide if it suit your purpose or not. Every flap of your wallet contains this powerful piece of plastic  of

Why is Auto insurance important for Everyone

It was quite an unlucky day for me. Driving my car back from office acquainted me with an accident where my car got thrashed by another vehicle. With no fault of mine the car got damaged and needed repairs. But, thank God at least I am not hurt. But some of the people are not

Why is Singapore a Boon for the Entrepreneurs

Business Environment Risk Intelligence (BERI) Report 2014, a US based research institute pegged Singapore the topmost among 50 major investment destination in the world. The assessment was based on operations, policies and foreign exchange. The GDP value of Singapore which represents 0.48 of the world economy is worth 297.94 million US dollars is a justified

How to Start a Business in a Foreign Country

Initiating a business in your resident country is in itself a havoc task with lots of planning, formalities and various other aspects to be undertaken. But if you happen to decide to try your luck setting up your business in an offshore land these issue multiplies.  Business is all about to drain your ideas in

How to Save Money from the age of 24: 5 Tips

Since you came long way from being dependent on your parents and others financially, when you finally start earning money be a full-time or part-time , all you know the sense of new found freedom looming around you. It’s like this is what you dreamt all your life and finally it came .Added to that

How to Improve Your Bad Credit Score?

So now you are fresh out of college, newly employed with all sorts of financial cards in your wallet. Being newly employed drives you to have this new craziness of acquiring a credit card. So, you submissively  fill out your forms for acquiring a new credit card but only to found out that few weeks

Why do you Need a Credit Card- 5 Important Reasons

Every time you swipe your credit card in a retail shop, which you promise to pay the issuer within a stipulated time. People basically weigh down it’s cons more than its pros. Yes, credit cards  sometimes are best to avoid, in fact nobody likes the idea to be in debts. But using a credit card