Business Investment for College Students

You are young, you have the ideas and you have the potential to prove your guts. Being in college, hanging around with friends, partying, and regular nightclubs and enjoying life the fullest. Why not be a little creative and enterprising and start some business activities. Some sort of fruitful engagement that you can enjoy doing coupled with getting a handful of bucks in your pocket. Now you may utter starting business needs capital. Yes, it does, but you can start in a very humble way with a group of your friends at college. It will require minimal investment, if not nil, for you can amalgamate pocket money from the group of your friends as business partners.

Yahoo sounds interesting, yeah you heard it right, you are entrepreneurs and you definitely can hit it big one day. Remember successful step you take will transform an MNC one day. From the profits you make initially, your expensive tuition fees can be taken care off. To add to this you obtain the real time working experience and get to know the real world.


The summer internship does provide you with some sort of experience, but if you intend to make it big with high returns with the freedom to be your own boss and don’t hesitate, just go for it guys. Later on when you apply for an MBA course will certainly will provide an upper edge for selection.

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Start a Food cart

Just three things you need to arrange a cart, licence to sell and knowledge of cooking and you are ready to sell. You may try out to be a little creative with a little twist in the food to make it a differentiating factor in what you offer to your customers. Always focus on quick recipes with minimal cost and labor and in demand be in hot dogs, baked items or tattoos.

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Daycare center

Do you love babies? Baby sitting services are a good business proposal. Education, child psychology students have a better prospect as the knowledge of the behavioral psychology of the child adds up to the quality of service. At the start, you can try your luck with a neighbor kid and if you are able to manage just go for the best. All you need is a childcare license, some marketing activities to promote your services and if you can gather some experience from the Red Cross initially. Provide a flexible schedule of weekend service or evening services to suit your college timings.

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Career Counselling

It’s like killing two birds with one stone. While counselling and helping out other students in job prospects and higher study options, you can easily plan your own career with ease. Meeting prospective employers can help you out to understand the crux of the game. Experience provides you that upper edge to crack a career coach and enhance your business prospects.

Movers Services

All you need is a truck with a group of friends muscular enough to load and unload the goods from one part of the town to another. You can also work on like Resume writing services.

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