Difference between a Real Estate Agent and Real Estate Broker

Undoubtedly, searching or getting hold of a great commercial property, apartment or home is not the easiest task in the world. On the other hand, it is among the most complicated and nerve-wracking processes that demands a lot of time and energy. Without an expert advice or guidance, you might even end up with a cheap property at expensive rate or an unreliable deal just because you had no experience in dealing into properties. For this very reason, appointing a qualified and skilled professional such as a real estate broker or a real estate agent from the initial stage of property dealing is important. For instance, if you are trying to buy the dream of your house in Florida, a specialist or industry expert can easily help you avail the most perfectly matched and suitable property for your, that not just suits your budget, but also your needs.

It is also very important to know the primary difference between a broker and an agent. Not many people are aware that these two are different professionals even if they have similar job profiles. They take carry out different responsibilities and hence it is essential for you to know as to which one you need to get your job done.

To start with, the most basic of the difference among the both of them is that a real estate broker is equipped to carry out number of tasks in comparison to the real estate agent. Nevertheless, this is not the only way of differentiating them; their license as well is different from each other. Even though both of them do need to go through a written examination so that they are licensed. After they have cleared their examination and got a license, an agent is limited to work with a real estate broker. However, a broker can independently open his own business. There are many parts of the world wherein the broker is provided with a license to run management agencies for real estate.

On the other hand, even though the jobs of both of them may be similar such as bringing sellers and buyers for a property a real estate broker is needed to assess and study a wider range or aspects of this industry. They have to study state specific real estate laws also with the basic general procedures regarding transactions of real estate. Both the agent and broker gain their profits from carrying out dealings between the seller and buyer. However, a real estate agent has to work much more to gain these profits and needs to perform much more tasks for the sellers and buyers. Whereas, a broker has to carry out less number of tasks and has to put fewer efforts to gain the same amount of profits. This is so because agent works for the broker and the transactions take place in the name of the broker.

Finally, a broker can avail you with a wider range of services in comparison to an agent, but they both are licensed and are industry professionals.

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