Different types of car insurance policies

Different types of car insurance policies

The most legal important part for having a car is the car insurance. It is the requirement of the vehicle when it is on road. This is necessary as it gives a protection to the car with its security of saving a fixed amount every session on the vehicle name with the bank. This is a mandatory coverage that is needed as a choice to have the policy. There are commonly three types of coverage available for the car. These are mostly made available with the car when it comes on road. These are like:-

    • Third- party insurance.
    • Fire and theft insurance.
    • Comprehensive insurance.
    • Liability insurance

It is important to check the insurance quote with checking the price of each type before any kind of decision. These kinds of insurances are going to provide with a protective security to the car.


The car insurance policies in detail

These are like that of:-

Third party insurance

        • It is a kid of minimal non- compulsory policy that covers the damages of the car being done by the other people’s property.
        • The significant reason for why the car should cover the policy is to make other road users protected from any kind of damages that are caused.
        • It might be cheapest or even might vary with the price depending on the financial companies.
        • If it is an accident of the car owner’s fault the third party insurance policy will be paying for that, but if it’s the fault of the person whose vehicle stores the car of the owner then it might not be paid.
        • This is not going to cover the insurance with the damage or theft cases.

Fire and theft insurance policy

        • This offers the same kind of coverage like that of the third party insurance, but with that it also pays for the theft and damage that are caused by fire.
        • If the car is cheap, that it is to consider opting for the third party only rather than the full comprehensive cover.
        • But it should be completely made clear before opting for any kind of insurance.

Comprehensive insurance

        • This is one of the most extensive policies that cover the damages done to the car with respect to collision, flood, fire, storm and theft.
        • This includes even the coverage of damages to other people’s car and property as a result of the collision which involves the insurer’s car. 

Liability insurance

      • This covers the owner in the event that are in a covered car accident and determines the accident as a result of the actions.
      • Here the coverage of the repairing property damages which are caused by the accidents as well as the medical bills from the resulting injuries.
      • This is going to provide with an extra protection in the event that the owner is found at fault for an accident, as one is responsible for any kind of claims which exceeds the coverage of upper limit.

Terms that are Excluded from the insurance policies

There are certain terms that are exclude from the insurance policies, these are like that of:-

    • Damages to the car tires that are not resulted from the accident.
    • Different kind of mechanical, structural, electrical failures and breakdowns.
    • Loss that is resulting from not being able to use the car for income.
    • Depreciation, corrosion, wear and tear.

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