How to become an Accountant

Why would anybody need to figure out how to be an accountant when whatever they can picture is the old generalization? An exhausting geek with thick glasses and a few pens in their shirt pocket, whose most prized ownership of their calculators in their hand, and most loved big fat book dealing with income tax legislation.


But now, Accountants are regarded as a very prepared monetary expert who spend significant time in getting ready money related records and documents dealing with taxes and various bookkeeping. The most well-known bookkeeping profession pathway is to turn into a certified public accountant (CPA). Accountants may also opt as auditors , government bookkeepers and management accountants.

Whether you try to this, or just to helping develop the family business, the prospects of an accountant is always an exciting and a vibrant career choice.

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What is an Accountant?

The job of an accountant is to measure, process and to communicate financial information about a business.

Accountants can be traced back to the early civilization when trading started and the people had to manage the monetary transaction of the various trading activities. Through it development stages, even in the middle age it was somewhat organized in the nineteenth century after the industrial revolution happened.

What are the different areas of responsibilities of an Accountant?

Financial Accounting

This includes dealing with the monetary records of a business and giving reports to outside stakeholders. It puts a high attention on understanding and putting into practice the different bookkeeping norms, which are the tenets of bookkeeping. Financial accountants have a definite specialized learning of the bookkeeping norms.

Management Accounting

This deals with the analysis of budgets and providing forecasts of various reports leading from business results. The focus lies mainly on endowing information to the management board to enable them to take corrective steps and decision at the correct time.


These are the person who verifies the accuracy of various business reports by collecting evidence and supporting documents. This audit report, grants assurance to all the shareholders that the particular business operations are viable and accurate.

Tax Accountant

They are the most suitable person to prepare different documents dealing tax returns that has to be filed. They engage in the planning of the tax structure and how to carry out business activities.

So, what qualification are needed to become an Accountant?

Becoming one of the above specialized accountant is quite a tough process. It actually requires a lot of hard work. But the methodology is intended to guarantee that accountants give an expert level of administration and are seen by others as trusted and moral consultants

The primary expert accounting body in the US is the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), and individuals qualified under the body’s guidelines are known as CPAS

The CPA affirmation gives potential clients of bookkeepers’ administrations with the solace that the bookkeeper has accomplished a satisfactory level of training and experience, and they focus on undertaking progressing preparing.

There are three criteria to be granted a CPA license :

  • Education- Most states require 150 semester hours of education
  • Examination- Examination are conducted across the country uniformly
  • Experience- Least two years of experience in most of the states

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