Maximizing the Benefits of Health Insurance

Maximizing the Benefits of Health Insurance

Health Insurance or Medical Claim is the contract between the insurer and the Insured person, where the former guarantees all the medical expenses at the risk of incurring health care issues to the insured person. A premium amount has to be paid by the insured person to insurer as a part of the insurance agreements. Due to the increasing medical cost and the uncertainty of life these days health insurance has become inevitable part of everyone life. Health Insurance acts as a life saver boat at the time when your money is all drowned in the heavy medical bills of hospital.

There are different types of Health Insurance policies now days but it can be mainly categorized in two

General Medical Health Insurance

In this type of medical insurance plan the reimbursement of the money is done when the insured person is admitted to hospital. This also has a variety of plans and types like Group health insurance, overseas medical insurance, and individual medical insurance. These plans have varying policies

Critical Illness Insurance

This insurance plan insures the insured person against the risk of serious illness with the premium paid by insured. Here a heavy amount is received by the insured within the few days of diagnosing of the illness. They generally guarantee against disease like heart attack, kidney failure, paralysis, cancer and other.

Health Insurance offers a number of benefits .They give a piece of mind and protect a family financial future as you never know when an illness or an accident may occur. But apart from all this there are many other benefits and incentives provided to the insured person from the insurer .One must be aware of its policies terms and condition and should try to avail most of its benefits , after all it your money as the premium. The benefits can be discount on various checks up and treatment, some free annual check up and screening.

Benefits from the Health insurance plan can only be availed if one has chosen the right medical policy, it’s very important to choose the right medical policy .Its features and price should be compared with a number of other policy in the market .A broker can also help you guide in this. Usually family policy are more economical and gives high coverage for each member in the family. A good policy usually have tie ups with almost all the good hospitals in the panel. So one should go for a policy that fulfills there requirement adequately.

Benefits can also be availed by saving money from the Health Insurance Premium .Is quiet obvious that nobody likes to pay extra, when it’s not worth paying. There are ways by which we can save on the cost of Premium of your health insurance

  • Usually with the growing age health insurance will also increases as one is more prone to illness and diseases so it’s better to exercise regularly and stay fit.
  • Have a healthy eating habit and routine, these minor efforts also help in reducing the premium amount.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking in excess which always makes health a risk, and people with smoking habit end up paying more amount of premium than the non smokers.
  • High blood pressure is not a good symptom and it should kept under control. Good health automatically lowers down the premium cost.
  • People generally leave everything on the Health Insurance once they avail it, which is a wrong habit if one is already suffering from some disease, proper precautions and care should be taken for that .So controlling your habits also benefits the insured.
  • Premium also gets reduced at the time of renewal when you have not claimed for it on free years. One must avail these No claim benefits.

One should try to take the maximum advantage of the plan before it ends. Avail all the schemes and benefits offered like some policy give special prizes on smoking cessation and weight loss program, find out such scheme and avail them. Read the fine print of the policy again one may find out some policy like immunization or consultation that he/she was not aware of yet.

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