Why do you Need a Credit Card- 5 Important Reasons

Every time you swipe your credit card in a retail shop, which you promise to pay the issuer within a stipulated time. People basically weigh down it’s cons more than its pros. Yes, credit cards  sometimes are best to avoid, in fact nobody likes the idea to be in debts. But using a credit card sensibly and effectively, you will always remain on the safer side plus it will prove to have more financial profits. To be honest, credit cards can prove to be greatest liability rather than proving to be trustworthy asset However there are hundreds of cards out there to choose from and getting the wrong one could mean you get a raw deal.

Credit card Rewards

Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act

It is probably one of the biggest advantage using a credit card. When a buyer purchase on a larger scale, he becomes a vulnerable customer. Any breach on his purchase can make him at a great loss. But for a customer on a binge purchasing do by credit cards, he is remained to be on a safer side.


It is never safe to travel in a long trip with cash in hand. Liquidating money always invites thugs and crooks to pry on you. While on the other hand, credit cards ensures you your purchasing power plus ensures of no theft unlike debut cards.

It is more secure

Protection and safety makes credit card more reliable. Debit cards are vulnerable. It is easily traceable to your bank account, so why a crook won’t screw up with your debit cards? For them, it’s  an easy task. But it’s not the same case with credit cards. If your credit card gets lost, all you need to dial up to prevent further loss and identity theft.

No  Overseas charges

Almost all the debit cards will charge you a  foreign loading fee. It is charged only when you decide to use your debit card for purchasing in your abroad trip. But there are handful of credit cards will put aside this fee on dealings made overseas.

Have a good credit score

When you decide to spend money on credit for the first time. the lenders will hesitate to lend you money. Yes, you are right. It’s a general conception that without credit history you have a good chance of being lent money but in turn it makes you in a suspect position. The issuer of the credit card holder won’t be able to judge whether you are the right person to whom he can lend.

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