Why Investing in a Certified Pre-owned Car Is the Best Decision

Why Investing in a Certified Pre-owned Car Is the Best Decision

If you have been exploring the used car markets, you must have surely come across certified pre-owned ones that are increasingly becoming popular. Certified cars are certainly superior to other used cars in terms of quality. Certified pre-owned vehicles are usually on offer at most of the luxury brands namely Lincoln, Lexus, and even Mercedes-Benz along with mainstream makes like Chevrolet and Nissan etc. CPO cars are inspected thoroughly and if there are any maintenance issues, those are addressed and resolved. Moreover, these cars are supposed to be cosmetically sound. There are no bashed fenders, shredded interiors or no missing trim.

A CPO vehicle comes along with extended warranties in addition to the existing ones that were offered while the car was purchased new. The car manufacturer would be certifying the car only after a thorough performance, safety inspection, and restoration.

If you are thinking of purchasing a certified car, go to a dealer as these cars typically are sold by dealers only and not by private individuals. You should ask the dealer to show you the relevant inspection report that would be listing all the areas that have been examined. You would get a detailed information including if the model was ever recalled, exact thickness of the car’ brake pads or the precise tire thread depth. CPO cars are known to be having relatively less damage or deterioration due to regular use. Mercedes Benz, for example, would be certifying only those cars that are maximum six years old and ran less than 75,000 miles. The top German brand thereafter goes about adding one year, as well as, unlimited miles to the remaining initial warranty plus trip interruption protection, and 24-hr roadside assistance.

The Brilliant Idea of Investing in a Certified Pre-owned Vehicle

Thanks to the demands of modern life and highly-competitive existence most of you seem to be facing a cash crunch and you are always trying to spend cautiously. Buying a pre-owned vehicle is definitely a good investment and promises to save you a whole lot of money. Here are some striking benefits of investing in certified pre-owned cars.

Excellent Quality, Top Standards Maintained

Before a dealer or manufacturer considers admitting a car for certification, he would be making sure that the car is truly an impressive one right from the beginning. Car experts examine carefully and identify the best cars so that certification process could be reputable. High standards are set for certification so that you could enjoy driving an almost new vehicle.

Extended Warranty Assured

Buying a used car could be a highly dicey affair as you would end up investing a lot of money but there would be no warranties in most cases. The beauty and the most amazing thing about certified pre-owned vehicles are getting extended warranty not only on the basic package but also, power train warranty.

Thorough Multiple Point Assessment, Revamping and Reconditioning

Manufacturers and dealers want to sell a car in perfect condition. So these pre-owned cars go through an absolutely rigorous certification assessment process. Most dealers sell cars that had to go through 150 to 300 point inspection that would be guaranteeing you that your purchase is surely going to be a viable investment. Most crucial points include performance and safety that are the salient features that would be scrutinized in every single car before certifying it.

Low-Interest Financing Possible

It does not matter if you are operating on a strict budget or not, nobody can ignore a great deal, offering lower monthly repayments. Financiers know that the pre-owned certified vehicles have been rigorously inspected and revamped and that they are as good as new. So they always offer lower rates.

Be Sure To Get Overall Cost Savings

While investing in a car, you are always concerned about car maintenance cost. First of all, you would be getting a car that is as good as new at a much lower cost along with free maintenance, warranty, no deductibles and many other cost benefits.

Free Maintenance Offered

Though this could be sounding pretty incredible but the fact is that you could certainly find some good programs that would be allowing you to enjoy free car maintenance for maybe a specific time span or a fixed mileage limit. This would be saving you quite a lot of money if you are facing any issues with your car.

Access to Roadside Assistance for Ultimate Peace of Mind

Just to reiterate the fact that the car is in excellent condition and of high quality, most car manufacturers would be offering road emergency support 24×7 if your car develops any technical snags. Emergencies are quite common on the road and this is a great benefit as it helps you to chill out and enjoy your drive as you are confident that someone is there for you and waiting to help.

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