Why is Auto insurance important for Everyone

It was quite an unlucky day for me. Driving my car back from office acquainted me with an accident where my car got thrashed by another vehicle. With no fault of mine the car got damaged and needed repairs. But, thank God at least I am not hurt. But some of the people are not so fortunate. Statistics show around 92 people are killed each day in the US. The year 2013 reported 35,200 traffic deaths in our country as per the National Safety Council.

Auto insurance importane

The best you can do is to drive safely with a proper auto insurance coverage. In some of the states auto insurance is not mandatory. Be it in compulsion or not there are lots of financial obligations to be met after an accident. Officials do random checks to ensure that your insurance coverage is in place, if not you may be fined for your fault.

Always remember that the car you happen to make use of everyday is always an asset like your house. It’s better to opt for auto insurance than get burdened by any damages done to your car in the course of an accident. Not only the insurance covers the damages made to your car, but some policies also extent of Personal Injury Protection coverage ranging from medical expenses to loss of wage due to accident. Auto insurance shields from theft, sabotage or any kind of natural disaster.

The range of the auto insurance coverage and depends on your type of requirement.

Liability Coverage: If you happen to hit another car which ends up something crucial for that party. The insurance will make sure that the damages caused by your negligence or else damages made to the other car with or without any injury of the person and financial loses is duly refunded.

Medical Payment Coverage: If you have met with an accident, insurance will pay you back the expenses required for your medical bill.

Collision Coverage: When you meet with a collision with another vehicle or any other object and the car headlight get dismantled or the body color of the car gets swept off with prominent rugged marks on the body of the car, insurance covers this criteria also.

Comprehensive Coverage: Damages caused due to fire, thefts or another other natural calamities are covered in this type of plan.

Uninsured Motor Vehicle Coverage: In an accident with no fault of yours, if the other party does not have liability coverage then this insurance coverage can pay for your losses.

Underinsured Motor Vehicle Coverage: If the liability coverage of the vehicle causes you damage ends paying you less with less insured you can cover the sufficient liability like your medical bills through this type of requirement.

Car Rental and travel expense coverage: After an accident your car is in garage for repair.

To carry on your daily routine uninterrupted, the rents of hiring another car are reimbursed.

Auto Insurance covers range of different facets of insurance coverage. It depend how much protection of your necessities. Just analyze to pick the best for your purpose. But do remember auto insurance is a must.

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